How to earn with affiliate (referral) program

You are probably interested in online trading, investments, or financial market otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading these lines. However, what if you cannot afford the minimum amount to begin this investment with brokerage company? Or you would like to be part of something big and don’t have enough time, money or experience? This is not the end of your days. Assume that you have friends that has experience, money, enthusiasm, or passion to try something new. You can be the middleman of all this.

We have found for you a brokerage company that has introduced us their new affiliate program, now is the right time to show you and explain you how it works. We have had a lot of interested clients here in the Philippines who are asking if there is a way to earn by referrals. We have shown them some options that they could refer their relatives, friends and other people which can also start to trade. From every referrals, you can also make a profit from it. 

This is the short summary on how referral program works. Sounds easy and simple right? It is simple but you must fully understand it. This example is just basic idea on how referral program works. However, in reality it is much more complex system, and if you fully understand it you can earn even much more than you expected. Let’s take a deep look into referral program of what our partner has introduced to us.

There are two options on how to get approved for this affiliate program.

First option, you have already invested or have more than 50,000 PHP on your trading account and you will be automatically get an access to affiliate program section where you can refer your friends. 

Didn't invest or invested less than $1,000

The second option. if you don’t have 50,000 PHP and want to earn by this referral program, thing that you need is to refer 3 persons who will invest more than 50,000 PHP like what you can see
on the illustrations below.

There are 3 levels of commissions.

  • 1st level – 7% commission

  • 2nd level – 5% commission

  • 3rd level – 3% commission

This commission is calculated from the trading fees (spread and swap). Understandable so far right? Levels are more complicated but still easy to understand. Let’s check the examples onthe pictures.

In level 1, you can get 7% commission from trades of what your referrals made.

The good thing is not only you can refer others, but also those people you referred have option to join the referral program by referring someone as well. In level 2, you can get 5% commission from the new referrals once they start to trade.

In level 3, you can still receive 3% and this is the last level where you can receive commission. 

There is no limit for number of referrals. You can refer as many as you can. The whole scheme looks like the illustration below.

From the illustration above, you can see how you can get commission from this referral program.

Here’s a perfect example,you didn't invest but you have friends who are willing to invest, so you will refer them. This is a win-win situation for all of you. When your referrals earn, you will also earn without loosing anything from them. Let's say they generated 1 million on swap and spread. You will get 70,000 PHP. After some time they refer another people. This people will generate also 1,000,000 PHP on spread and swap. 


You will get 50,000 PHP from it because they are on level 2 (5% commission). If they refer also someone and this referral make the same trade and generate also 1,000,000 on spread and swap you will receive 30,000.  It is 150,000 PHP in total but this is just an example.


There are no limitations on how many referrals you can have. Your profit is up to you.

To start earning the only thing what you need to do is to create account with our partner at the link below deposit $1,000 to your trading account or refer at least 3 person who will deposit $1,000 or more.

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